NIPC Business Registration in Nigeria – Procedure and when required

NIPC Business Registration in Nigeria – Procedure and when required

August 24, 2023


  • What is NIPC? – NIPC is the Nigeria Investment Promotion Commission, a Commission responsible for promoting, coordinating, and monitoring investments in Nigeria. NIPC registration is crucial for businesses seeking to invest in Nigeria to access investment incentives, guarantees, and protections. The Commission is governed by the Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission Act, 1995.
  • WHEN IS NIPC REGISTRATION REQUIRED? – The NIPC registration is pertinent for foreign-owned businesses looking to enjoy the benefits of the Nigerian Government’s investment incentives and protections.
  1. Investment Incentives: As a registered company under the NIPC, there are several beneficial investment incentives, such as duty-free imports of capital equipment and repatriation of capital and dividends.
  2. Access to Information: The Commission provides registered businesses with up-to-date information on investment opportunities, regulations, and incentives in Nigeria.
  3. Legal Protection: Registering with the NIPC provides legal protection for businesses operating in Nigeria. It ensures compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements of the Nigerian government as well as promotes transparency and accountability in business operations.
  4. Pioneer Status: As a registered company under the NIPC, your business is qualified for pioneer status, which provides tax holidays and other benefits to companies investing in specific sectors, such as agriculture, manufacturing, and solid minerals.
  5. Aid with Approvals: The Commission assists businesses with obtaining the requisite approvals from relevant government agencies, which can fast-track the investment process and save time and resources.
  6. Investment Promotion: The Commission actively promotes investment opportunities in Nigeria, which can help businesses attract new investors and partners.


  1. NIPC payment receipt
  2. Certificate of Incorporation
  3. Certified True Copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association
  4. Evidence of payment of CAC fees (non-refundable)
  5. Duly completed CAC Form 1.1 (or CAC Forms CO2 and CO7 for old companies)
  6. Power of Attorney/Letter of Authority (if applicable)
  7. Means of identification such as National ID, passport biodata page for shareholders, directors and secretary.
  8. Copy of the foreign certificate of company’s board resolution for subscription to Nigerian company (if applicable).
  9. Residence permits of resident foreigners (if applicable)


  • Complete the NIPC Form 1 on the website at;
  • Payment of a non-refundable processing fee via Remita online portal at;
  • Submission of all required documents at the One Stop Investment Centre (OSIC) in NIPC, incomplete document and incorrect informations provide might, cause a delay in the registration process;
  • Issuance of NIPC Business Registration Certificate to the applicant.

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Frequently Asked

  • Why must I file Annual Returns?

    It is a mandatory statutory requirement under the Companies and Allied Matters Act to file Annual Returns yearly. 

  • Do I need a Company Secretary?

    A limited liability company (LLC) must not have a company secretary.

  • Why is mutual assent important in a contract?

    This is one of the key elements of a contract because is shows the meeting of the minds of both parties

  • When can I start renewal of the registration of my product(s) with NAFDAC?

    You can start renewal 6 months to the date of expiry.

  • What is data protection?

    Data protection is a legal process of protecting sensitive data.

  • Is my copyright registration in Nigeria protected globally?

    The nature of copyright is territorial, so the copyright work is only protected in the country of registration

  • What are the product categories available when registering with NAFDAC?

    The product categories include: Food, Cosmetics, Drug, Medical Device, Agro-Chemicals & Pesticide, Veterinary Products, Vaccines & Biologicals, Herbal and Nutraceuticals and Water

  • Can a minor be a company director?

    No, a minor cannot be a director. A minor under Nigerian Law is anyone who is below 18 years of age.

  • What is a trademark?

    A trademark can be any word, sign, symbol or graphic that you apply to your company, goods or services to distinguish them from those of your competitors; for example, a brand, product or company name, or logo. The trademark serves as a badge of origin for your business and its brands and products, and can consist of words, logos, slogans, colours and shapes, or a combination of all of these.

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