September 09, 2018

NAFDAC is the agency responsible for the control and regulation of consumable products in the country. Some of the products they regulate include: food, drugs, cosmetics, medical devices and packaged water including all drinks, animal feed and veterinary products, etc

Follow the below steps to register your food or food product


The following documents (all originals and two (2) set of photocopies) are to be submitted.

  1. Notarized declaration: to be type-filled and notarized by a Notary public here in Nigeria
  2. Power of Attorney or Contract Manufacturing Agreement

Power of Attorney shall be issued by;

  1. Issued by the manufacturer of the product
  2. Signed by the MD, GM, Chairman or President of the Company, stating the names of the products to be registered.
  3. Notarized by a Notary Public in the country of manufacture
  4. State ownership of brand name/ trademark
  5. Valid for at least five years

 Contract Manufacturing Agreement;

  1. Shall be notarized by a Notary public in the country of manufacture
  2. Shall be signed by both parties stating names and designations of the signatories with the names of all the products to be registered and other relevant clauses clearly explained in an unambiguous language

3. Certificate of Manufacture and free sale shall be :

i. Issued by the relevant health/regulatory body

ii. Indicate the name of manufacturer and products to be registered

iii. Authenticated by the Nigerian Embassy in the country of origin. In countries where no Nigerian Embassy exists, British High Commission or any commonwealth or ECOWAS country commission can authenticate

4. Comprehensive Certificate of Analysis

The certificate of analysis must be presented on a letter headed paper of the quality control laboratory where the sample was tested/evaluated and should contain ;

i. The brand name of the product

ii. Batch number of the product

iii. Manufacturing and expiry dates

iv. Name, designation and signature of the analyst


5. Certificate of Business Incorporation of the importing Company with the Corporate Affairs Commission

6. Certificate of Registration of Brand Name with the trademark registry in the Ministry of Commerce in Nigeria/ evidence of trademark approval from Federal Ministry of Commerce and Tourism Abuja. This should be done in the name of the owner of trademark as the case may be

7. Application letter for import permit by the local representative

8. Duly completed Registration Form purchased online

9. Colored artwork / label of the product and leaflet insert of the product

10. Evidence of GMP inspection by NAFDAC

11. GMP invitation letter: a letter of invitation to inspect the factory abroad shall be written by the manufacturer and shall state the following;

MANUFACTURER INFORMATION: Name of company, full location address of the factory, email address and current phone no and fax no.(not administrative office address), name of contact person overseas, telephone no, email address. Name of airport closest to the location and guide map illustrating the shortest land/air route to the factory overseas.

LOCAL AGENT INFORMATION: Name of company, full location address and functional telephone, fax no, email address, name(s) of product (s) for registration, name and mobile phone number of contact person in Nigeria.


Upon satisfactory documentation, import permit (permit to import samples for registration) shall be obtained from the respective units after payment.


The following are to be submitted for sample vetting;

  1. A copy of the import permit and receipt of payment for import permit
  2. Certificate of analysis of the product (s)
  3. One (1) well labelled vetting samples of the product and two (2) labels/ artworks


Upon satisfactory documentation, vetting of samples and payment, laboratory samples are to be submitted at the respective units.

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Frequently Asked

  • Why must I file Annual Returns?

    It is a mandatory statutory requirement under the Companies and Allied Matters Act to file Annual Returns yearly. 

  • Must my Company Secretary be a Lawyer?

    Although it’s ideal to have a lawyer as a company secretary, it is not compulsory for small private businesses.

  • What will happen if I buy the wrong category of forms with NAFDAC?

    Nothing, the purchased form will be in your account for future use.


  • When can I start renewal of the registration of my product(s) with NAFDAC?

    You can start renewal 6 months to the date of expiry.

  • What is the first thing I must do to register a business in Nigeria?

    To register a business in Nigeria; you would need to conduct a name search of the business. You can achieve this using your CAC-CRP account.

  • Can I trademark my logo and name separately? Why is this a good idea?

    Yes you can. The advantage is that it gives you the opportunity to have more than one logo or the opportunity to change your logo easily as opposed to registering the name and the logo as one trademark.

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