Take the leap! ( To become an entrepreneur)

Take the leap! ( To become an entrepreneur)

October 19, 2018

Whether its turning a side hustle to your main gig, or turning that dream into the reality of a full time business, deciding to become an entrepreneur is sometimes not easy to accomplish. There will always be the naysayers that tend to remind you of everything that can go wrong in a business and there are those that will tell you about their own bad experiences. If it’s a juicy employment you are leaving, the thought of letting go of that monthly cheque can be very scary too as it’s like going from certainty to sleepless nights trying to create a market for your product/service. You ask all the “what ifs” except the one that says “what if you succeed?” and guess what, you never really know until you take the leap to start.

There are so many reasons why you should take the leap to start a business and become your own boss, I have given 6 of those reasons below;

  1. Financial Independence; this is probably one of the most common reasons to want to set up your own business. Being an entrepreneur creates this opportunity. Whether financial independence to you means ability to provide for your immediate and extended family, or enough money to buy a private jet or a mansion in every continent, or even the freedom to travel the world and have unlimited cash to buy whatever you desire, entrepreneurship can allow you to achieve it.
  2. Skills; there are numerous skills to be learned as you take the journey of entrepreneurship. It ranges from negotiating an office lease agreement to learning the basics about generators and inverters (considering power issues in Nigeria), learning about SEO and digital marketing, blogging, social media, budget, excel sheets, payroll, taxes and the loads of other skills you pick up and learn mostly on the job as you start and manage a business as an entrepreneur.
  3. Job creation; your decision to follow your dreams and build a company creates an opportunity for your employees to earn a living, take care of their needs and fulfill their own dreams. This brings a lot of satisfaction to the entrepreneur. These skills become invaluable all through your lifetime.
  4. Job security; there is job security with entrepreneurship as you are your own boss and get to decide how to manage and run the business by yourself hence you don’t have to worry about being fired or let go.
  5. Doing good; as a business owner, you get to control where company profits go, and if you so desire, you can allocate your gains to whatever cause you like. You can sponsor a cause, NGO, or give back to the community. Giving back to the society can be very satisfying as its one of the best parts about being an entrepreneur.
  6. Posterity; the fact you own a business gives you the opportunity to pass on that business to the next generation and be proud of it. It’s exciting to see an idea you created and brought to reality pass on to another generation and survive for many years to come. Take for example the Heineken brand, Tabasco sauce or even Walmart, these are big businesses that have been transferred from one generation to another.

Apart form the above 6 reasons, there are many more reasons why you should start a business including your personal reasons but whatever the reasons, its important to note that there is nothing mysterious or terribly complex about the process of starting your own business. Whether you have drafted a highly specific business plan with the help of experts or you have made little notes in your diary or just a piece of paper, the process of fleshing out this idea, refining it and turning it into a legitimate business is the same but you must first of all take the leap to start!

Best regards

Efe Ugboro

CEO, 618 Bees



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    A company’s first Annual Returns are due for filing after 18 months of its inception, subsequently it should be filed annually as the name implies. The filing dates could differ for each company depending on their financial year end but must be filed not later than 42 days after its Annual General Meeting.

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    To register a business in Nigeria; you would need to conduct a name search of the business. You can achieve this using your CAC-CRP account.

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    Yes, you can process/register multiple products at the same time

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    You can start renewal 6 months to the date of expiry.

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