Why we are supporting young female entrepreneurs

Why we are supporting young female entrepreneurs

July 23, 2019

A lot of guys have contacted me to say I am been unfair to guys for doing this for females only. Well, What can I say, I love my ladies I cannot lie. But hold still guys, I just might have something in the works for you, fingers crossed.

That being said, this contest means much more to me than just the buzz it has created on the internet, it is an opportunity for 618 bees to give back to the society in our own little way, because I believe empowered women, empower women and when women are empowered both men, women and children benefit.

According to the United Nations,” of the 1 billion young people- including 600 million adolescent girls – that will enter the workforce in the next decade, more than 90% of those living in developing countries will work in the informal sector, where low or no pay, abuse and exploitation are common.”

This contest has not only allowed us to introduce the 618 bees brand to the world, it has also allowed us to show what we stand for, which is helping companies have the formal structure that can enable them better access possibilities out there. Imagine how these statistics will change when more women are empowered to build companies that can employ more women. Empowered women can afford to pay fees, they can afford to put food on the table and they can afford to offer their kids more opportunities.

We have so many enterprising women in this country, supporting their families and doing wonderful things for their communities. If one family unit can get the adequate support it needs to succeed, then overtime we have a better society where more people are able to feed and train their kids.

Before this contest, I thought I could estimate the number of women doing something for themselves out there but I just realised with every entry we received during this contest that I had no idea at all. There are many young women all over this country breaking barriers and doing a whole lot outside the usual paid employment sector. And I don’t want them to just run these businesses, I want them to run it in a structured manner. I want them better exposed to all the opportunities that are out there. I want them informed, I want them ready and structured enough to attract the right investment. I want them to understand and know that they can do much more and expand beyond their little spaces.

All the entries we have received in this contest have inspired me and given me many reasons to want to do more. There’s so much talent in this country and those of us that are empowered already have a responsibility to light other candles, this desire should keep us up at night and make us restless as a nation because the poverty and unemployment level out there is disheartening. Just imagine how many more families will get support if the mothers are empowered.

It’s also important to note that these young ladies picked their heroes from amongst Nigerian women they look up to, from their mothers to established celebrities and business moguls. These are the women they look up to, these are the women that make them believe their dreams are valid. I am glad we have such ladies amongst us and I pray they continue to break barriers that encourage these young ladies to dream.

My message to all the ladies out there that have dreams of building that world class business empire or even have dreams of just managing a little business that works and make a decent profit, I want you to know that your dreams are valid. Please never stop believing, never stop dreaming, and don’t just dream, dream big!

Efe Ugboro

CEO, 618 Bees

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