How do I register a Multi-purpose co-operative Society in Lagos State.

How do I register a Multi-purpose co-operative Society in Lagos State.

September 09, 2019

A Co-operative can be defined as “an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly-owned and democratically-controlled enterprise.

Just like the name implies, a Multi-purpose Co-operative is a type of co-operative registered to achieve multiple objectives.

In Nigeria, every co-operative society is expected to be registered. In Lagos State, the Ministry for Commerce and Industry is responsible for this. Under the Ministry there is a department vested with the duty to register co-operatives.

To register a Multi-purpose co-operative, the first requirement is to choose for a name which would be checked for availability before it can be registered and after which the proposed address of the co-operative, this is important because it will help determine the place of registration and co-operatives are registered in the Zone in which it is to be located. For instance, you cannot register a co-operative to be operated in Lekki in the Ikeja district of the state.

Another important process is to fill the application form, this form is usually gotten from the office in charge of registering co-operative in a particular zone. The Form must carry the name of three nominated executives, most likely the chairman, secretary, treasurer and all members, listing their particulars which includes names, addresses, phone numbers, valid identification card and emails. It is imperative to note at this point, that a multi-purpose co-operative society requires 20 members including the executives before it can be registered. Also, the objectives of the co-operative must be clearly outlined.

The registration/inauguration of a co-operative requires at least three members of the co-operative to undergo a training which would be carried out by the zone under which the registration is to be carried out.

A compulsory meeting of at least three times must be carried by the members of the co-operative and this will be supervised by an official of the zone under which it would be registered.

This process can take up to three months before the Co-operative society can be registered and a certificate will be issued by the Lagos State Ministry of Commerce and Industry on the recommendation of the Zone in which it would be registered.

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